FF-560GX™ Diffusion Media


The FF-560GX™ Diffusion Media Filtrair FF-560 GX is designed to provide premium diffusion intake air filtration in paint spraybooths used by the automotive refinishing and industrial finishing markets. The FF-560GX™ Diffusion Media is made with synthetic nonwoven fibers, thermally bonded and progressively structured, with 100% tack-ification for maximum protection. A supporting downstream polyester scrim increases stability and reduces particle migration. Some of the highlights are as follows:

• Greater than 99% efficiency on particle sizes 7-10 microns Filter Class EN 799 F5

• Rated UL 900, Class 1 • OEM filter in many of today’s paint spray booths including Nova, Siama, and Eagle

• Heat sealed to 9 gauge internal support frame