Vehicle Protection Products

T.S. Automotive Solutions offers a complete line of auto body vehicle protection products and equipment for all your detail needs. Most importantly, we offer car care products, such as floor mats, seat covers, car covers and more. Our selections contain well known name brand manufactures because we know that quality products matter. All of our auto body vehicle protection products are individually selected to exceed customer expectations. We can accommodate made-to-order requests so that our customer’s name and logo can be printed on our products for added professionalism.

There’s no denying that happy customers are repeat customers therefore repeat business is a great way to grow profit in your service operations. Auto service managers around the world use our products in order to keep vehicles clean and deliver exceptional service to their customers. We are proud to serve the automotive aftermarket sectors by providing high quality vehicle products at unbelievable prices.

Our customer’s needs are constantly growing and changing. As a result, we are frequently adding to our protection portfolio so that we may better support our customers’ needs. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to receive the best possible pricing at the time of your order.

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 Vehicle Protection Products