Schumacher 25A 48V Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Charger




• 48 volt fully automatic microprocessor controlled charger with a 15 to 25 amp cycling output current
• Includes 8 gauge, 6 foot long output cables with a polarized 50 amp quick connect connector
• Charger status LED indicators
• Lighted ON/OFF switch
• Multi-stage charging algorithm
• Safe-start, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection
• The charger will not apply current to the output connector until it is properly connected
• Maintain mode monitors the battery voltage to keep it fully charged
• Patent pending thermal runaway protection stops charging if the charger detects that there is a problem with the battery
• Automatic temperature compensation automatically adjusts the output voltage based on the ambient air temperature
• Temperature controlled cooling fan for efficient operation and peak performance
• Power saving mode uses very little power when in standby mode or maintain mode
• Heavy duty steel case with a baked enamel finish
• Charges 48 volt lead-acid batteries
• Industrial UL approved
Special order item only, please call customer service.
WARNING: Cancer û

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