QuickView Plastic File Jackets



At TS Automotive Solutions we pride ourselves in providing your business with a seamless solution for all your needs. Our jackets are designed to increase the efficiency of your business. The jackets come in multiple colors and are designed with a clear front. The jackets make reading documents easy and keep your business organized. 




At TS Automotive Solutions we pride ourselves in making your business process easier. The jackets contain a non-glare clear front page. Due to this clear front, the QuickView plastic file jackets make seeing documents, while keeping them clean, a breeze. The jackets are available in green, blue, yellow, orange, red, violet, burgundy, and royal blue. As a result, the jackets help to keep your business organized and efficient. Our QuickView plastic file jackets last ten times longer than their paper counterparts. Therefore, the file jackets will save you money!

-Letter Size: 11 5/8″ X 9 1/2″
-Heavy-duty 14 gauge polypropylene
-Sealed on 2 sides for ease in access
-Non-glare clear front as a result makes it easy to view contents
-Sealed on 2 sides for ease of accessing papers, yet holds them securely
-Perfect for daily-use desktop files
-Use a different color for each project – Solid color back allows for ease of color-coding files
-Ideal for keeping related documents & projects together
-Full-cut tab allows for flexible label placement or multiple labeling
-Optional custom imprinting – call for information
-Available Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Burgundy, Royal Blue
-Please note: The colors above can be mixed and matched for quantity discount