Nitro Fuzer Nitrogen Plastic Welding System




Holster switch provides automatic air to nitrogen switching. Remove the torch from the holster and you are using nitrogen. Replace the torch into the holster and now it is on air.
• Analog flow gauge for repeatable performance every time.
• Element protection circuitry to help prevent burning out heating elements.
• Precision flow regulators on both the air and nitrogen sides.
• Outlet pressure gauges for both air and nitrogen.
• Compact, easy-to-handle welding torch gets into tight spots with no user fatigue.
• Melt-proof silicone & fiberglass braided hot air welder hose.
• Easy-to-use, intuitive controls.
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•integrated airless welder control to allow for repair of thermoset PUR.
• Easily replaceable heating element.
• Air manifold with auxiliary outlet for attachment of air tools.
• Integral power strip.
• Make stronger repairs than with any other method.
• Profit from repairing plastic rather than replacing it.
• Make more profit by welding rather than using two-part adhesives.
• Repair tabs, mounting holes, and slots that are impossible to repair with two-part adhesives.
• Strength: Make repairs that are stronger than any two-part epoxy or hot air weld. Plastics are melted together with no oxidation to form the strongest possible plastic weld.
• Speed: Complete repairs in a fraction of the time of two-part epoxies. Typical welding speeds are 4″ (10 cm) to 6″ (15 cm) per minute. No waiting for cure time. Cool with water, then sand, prime, and paint.
• Versatility: Do repairs that are not possible with two-part epoxies: Mounting tabs (thick or thin), grille bars, high-stress areas, flexible tabs, and fender liners. Plus, it’s not just for automobile plastics. It can be used on ATVs, boats, motorcycles, appliances, toys, etc.

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