Innovative Painters Prep Cart™ With Masker




Sick of searching for needed body shop supplies? Tired of reordering collision services supplies just because they’re lost? Want to reduce inventory waste?

This easy-to-use supply cart is highly mobile and can be rolled right to your work area. The Innovative Painters’ Prep Cart with Masker keeps your supplies handy and eliminates the need to waste time looking for supplies.

Enjoy process controls that improve the efficiency and quality of your work, time after time. This parts cart also comes with tags to help facilitate an easy-to-use barcode system. That way you can keep your inventory under control and reduce the need for unnecessary orders.

Rolls right into your work area for greater efficiency
Keeps supplies handy and techs on the job
Materials and supplies in full view from any angle
Facilitates an easy-to-use barcode system; tags provided
Enables repair and process controls for consistent quality, time after time

Painter’s Prep Cart Includes:

Barcode tag holders 50
Single Hook  4
Double Hook  2
Roll Paper Holder  1
4X17″ Basket  1
5X17″ Basket  2
7X17″ Basket  3
Aerosol Basket  3
Glove Box Holder  1
Masker Option  1
Large Mount Box  2
Trash Can  1
Spray Gun Holder  1

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