Innovative Deep Basket™





Safeguard all your small to medium sized parts against loss or damage.

The Innovative Deep Basket is one of the most popular accessories for our Series A, B, and C vehicle Parts Carts. This accessory replaces one standard cart shelf and offers a convenient way to protect and store car parts in a time-efficient manner.

Our vehicle part storage basket features a unique flip-down front panel that allows you to easily load and unload parts of various sizes. The other panels of the Deep Basket can be also flipped down, making the basket ideal for flat storage or nesting.

Easy addition to any Innovative Parts Cart A, B, or C Series
Safeguards small parts with unique, flip-down front for easy loading/unloading
Folds flat allowing multiple Parts Carts to nest
Durable powder-coat finish
Replaces one standard shelf – Support Arms not included
40″W x 24″D x 6″H – 11 lbs.

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