Innovative Bodyman Cart™

Keep your auto body repair technicians on the job and NOT hunting all over the shop for supplies.

Mobile And Organized! No more searching for needed supplies. No more waiting to order supplies when you can’t find them. No more costly inventory waste.

Everything needed to get the job done in one mobile location
Monitor and track auto body repair materials
Rolls right into your auto body repair bay area for greater efficiency
Keeps supplies handy and techs on the job
Materials and supplies in full view from any angle
Facilitates easy-to-use bar code system; tags provided
Easy to rotate inventory – keep partially used material in front with backup supplies ready to go
Enables “repair and process” controls for consistent quality, time after time
Eliminates extra trips to the supply room and keeps your technicians on the job

Bodyman Cart Includes

Barcode tag holders: 50
Single Hook  4
Double Hook  2
4X17″ Basket  1
5X17″ Basket  2
7X17″ Basket  2
8X17″ Basket  1
Aerosol Basket  3
Glove Box Holder  1
Large Mount Box  1
9 Bottle Holder 1
5″ Disc Holder  1
Buffer Pad Holder  1
Trash Can 1
Spray Gun Holder 1

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