Dura-Block 7 pc. Dura-Block Kit




THE PERFECT SANDING TOOL! A Favorite Among The Professionals When Blocking All Surfaces. Welcome to the Dura-Block Line! HIGH END PROFESSIONAL SANDING BLOCKS FOR SHOW CARS AND PERFECT FLAT FINISHES (THE BEST SANDING BLOCK MONEY CAN BUY). The Dura-Block and Dura-Scrub enhance any project you’re working on. Dura-Block and Dura-Scrub are the ideal solution for Classic Car Custom Restoration, Boats, Planes, Trucks and anything project you’re working on. Kit Includes:
• 1 AF4400 Standard Block
• 1 AF4401 1/3 Block
• 1 AF4402 2/3 Block
• 1 AF4403 Full Size Block
• 1 AF4404 Round Block
• 1 AF4405 Scruff Block
• 1 AF4408-S Dura-Scrub Soap Bar

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